Three Saudi entities sign MoU to start recycling activities in Riyadh


Riyadh: 14-July-2019: The National Waste Management Center, the Riyadh Municipality and the Saudi Investment Recycling Company, a solely owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) today to start recycling activities in Riyadh.

The agreement was signed by his Excellency Eng. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadley, the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, and Chairman of the board of directors of the National Waste Management Center; His Excellency Eng. Tariq bin Abdul Aziz Al Faris, Mayor of Riyadh region, and Mr. Jeroen Vincent, Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC).

Under the MoU, the three parties will cooperatively work on the execution of the overall waste management strategy for Riyadh, to achieve a set of recycling strategic objectives by 2035. This notably includes recycling 81% of the 3.4 million tons of annually produced municipal waste in Riyadh, along with the 47% of the approximant five million tons of construction and demolition waste per year.

The strategy further aims to recycling an estimated 20 million tons of construction and demolition waste, that are currently left in neighborhoods and on roadsides around the capital..

s part of an integrated waste management system, the Saudi Investment Recycling Company will build state-of-the-art recycling facilities to recycle all types of waste. This includes turning municipal waste into recyclables such as fertilizer, paper, plastics and metals.

The first initiative will be recycling construction and demolition waste into construction and housing projects materials, which is followed by the construction waste facility that sorts of municipal waste; this is done to support the Riyadh Municipality’s program “City without bins” which is an important step towards a clean and environmentally-friendly city. The project aims to introduce “sorting at source” by supplying each household with two containers, one for food waste and one for all other types of wastes.

Eng.Al-Fadley said that signing the memorandum of understanding is in line with the “Vision 2030” initiative and the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers are part of the national environmental strategy and the overall strategy for Riyadh’s waste management sector.

This strategy aims to achieve an integrated waste management system, waste treatment facilities, and safe, effective and economical final disposal mechanisms. It also focuses on developing engineering and environmental solutions to deal with municipal and commercial waste issues in the most effective environmental sustainability global standards.

His Excellency emphasized that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, represented by the National Waste Management Center, in partnership with the other governmental entities, aims to increase the recycling rates by increasing investments in the waste management sector.

His Excellency Eng.Tariq bin Abdul Aziz Al-Faris, Mayor of Riyadh region, said the agreement will provide a viable long-term option for waste segregation at source, waste recycling and valuable material recovery for the city and its inhabitants.

He added: “The agreement, reflects the consistent prudence of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to regularly collaborate with various governmental entities in the public and private sectors in the field of waste management."

Jeroen Vincent, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Investment Recycling Company, said: “We are proud and honored to be part of this agreement that will enable our role as a waste management sector development company by establishing state-of-the-art recycling facilities. This is also a great opportunity for the city of Riyadh and the local industry because our initiative will not only contribute to a cleaner city but will also unlock a large volume of recycled materials to be used in paper, plastic and metals industry.”